Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How Commercial Pest Control Service Different from House?

Although they both have the same aim, which is to reduce and eradicate pest infestations, there are also some fundamental differences in the ways that commercial and domestic pest control is carried out, and the way that the specialists operate:
Of course, one of the biggest differences lies in the scope and scale of the task at hand. A domestic property might have, at most 9 rooms and a few corridors whilst a commercial property could have hundreds. Therefore, performing a pest control exercise in a house or home is potentially a small job involving little or no disruption to the residents. In contrast, the control of a commercial property will require careful planning to ensure that the job is carried out properly and thoroughly but that the business within the property is not disrupted.
In addition, commercial premises tend to need ongoing work or that which is contracted, whilst a home tends to need control on a more “ad-hoc” basis.

Health and Safety
One of the largest considerations for any pest controller is the safety of the residents in the property they are working in. Although not all pest control involves the use of dangerous chemicals or gases, there are many which do and therefore, human life must be preserved at all costs. Areas must be cleared of people wherever possible (or the work carried out at night when there is less disruption) to ensure that nobody is harmed during spraying. In addition, areas must be well aired before anyone is allowed back into the area in question.

As has already been mentioned, scale and scope is one of the fundamental differences between Domestic and Commercial Pest Control UK. Therefore, considering the safety of a family as their property is worked on is a different matter to a commercial property. Both must be completely safe but a professional such as a project manager might be called upon to aid the planning of the commercial property.

Although it might be true that every building will, at some point, suffer an infestation or require assistance with pest control, it is still an unpleasant consideration for many. One of the major considerations of a commercial operation is being discrete. If customers/clients were aware that the business had an infestation issue, they might be put off using their services and the business could suffer the effects. Therefore, it is essential that any pest control is done quickly, quietly and with the minimum of fuss.

Differing Problems
A further consideration is that businesses and homes are likely to have different needs because the pests they are likely to experience will be different. Infestations may also vary dependent upon the individual business. For example, a catering facility will have different threats than a medical outlet.